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Cloud GP by MicroChannel
Cloud GP by MicroChannel

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What is ‘Cloud’ accounting?


Cloud accounting is an alternative to traditional on-premise accounting software. Where on-premise solutions require the hardware, infrastructure and software to be implemented, maintained and upgraded internally - cloud is the opposite. Cloud solutions differ in that the hardware, software and continued maintenance are all carried out in an off-site location. This means that as your data is hosted on remote servers and there is no need to install software on individual computers, users can access their software applications remotely via an Internet web-browser, anytime, anywhere.


Cloud solutions are becoming the norm of everyday life, from the individual to the business, and this is seen most prevalently with the adoption of emailing and online banking. Using an accounting solution in the cloud therefore presents itself as an attractive option for small to mid-size businesses for the numerous benefits its provides. These include a lower total cost of ownership, greater financial flexibility, reduced strain on internal resources and scalability to meet a businesses growing demands.


For more information on the benefits of cloud computing, download our brochure Cloud Comuputing: All the Important Bits.


Why CloudGP?


CloudGP offers the sophistication and well-developed functionality of a Microsoft Dynamics GP (formerly Great Plains) on-premise solution and maximises all the benefits and capabilities of the latest cloud technologies.


Unlike many other cloud accounting software packages, CloudGP offers deep out-of-the-box functionality as standard, which means less customisations and more uptime for your business. As CloudGP is based on solid Microsoft technology you can be assured you are empowering your users to learn faster and increase productivity as CloudGP works with and like your other everyday Microsoft products.

How does the pricing work?


The pricing packages are designed to meet the needs and requirements of specific businesses, and as such, include the most common modules that are needed by your business or industry. For example, if you’re a distributor the most appropriate package for you is the Wholesale/Distribution pack - this is because you’ll definately need to incorporate functionality such as Inventory, Sales Order and Purchase Order Processing. However, if you’re a educational provider then inventory modules are most likely not necessary for you - you’ll need the Public/Not For Profit package which incorporates Grant Management and Budgeting.


Each package incurs the same monthly cost for a Microsoft Dynamics CloudGP user of  $225. For CRM and Helpdesk support capabilities, on top of your monthly GP user, you will incur additional per user per month costs of $55 for CRM and $25 for Helpdesk.


Each package comes with access to all modules and full functionality. The only difference between the packages are the modules that we implement for you. The choice is yours! If you choose to self-implement the DIY package, then there is no implementation cost, you’ll only pay for your monthly GP user subscriptions. If you decide that the Finance/General Business, Public/Not For Profit or Wholesale/Distributor package is for you, then you’ll pay a one-off implementation cost to setup the modules within your package and then will only continue to pay your monthly GP user subcriptions.

What if I need functionality that’s not included in the current packages?


All businesses are different, so we wouldn’t want to assume everyone operates the same and therefore lump you into one box (or in this case, restrict you to one package). We can implement additional functionality on top of your package - you’ll find these marked with an implementation cost (eg. $1500) in the packages where it is not already included. These include CRM, Budgets, Multi-Dimensional Analysis and... you get the idea.


How can I get started?


Getting started...too easy. Click on the ‘Free Product Tour’ button, fill out your details, and one of our friendly consultants will call you to have a chat and organise your free product tour demonstration.

I have further questions...


More questions? No worries. We’d love to hear from you. There are several options to get in touch with us.


You can contact us directly via phone or email, on 1300 440 444 or

Or you can leave your details and questions with us via the form on our Contact page.

Other Package inclusions


As CloudGP is based on a subscription-pricing model, users experience all the benefits of cloud software. This means that included in your monthly subscription payment are continual backups, software upgrades, maintenance, and hardware upgrades to the latest technologies.

I’m not sure a Cloud solution is the right for my business... Can I choose to deploy



A cloud solution isn’t for everyone, don’t worry we won’t be offended. Did you know at MicroChannel we also offer Microsoft Dynamic GP (formerly Great Plains )with on-premise deployments? If you’d like to weigh up your operational requirements contact us via our email, phone or our handy contact form.

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